Chemistry Courses

These courses aim to provide trainees with insights into the chemistry behind the selection of materials and processes implemented across the oil & gas sector. It builds on undergraduate chemistry experience and develops specialist skills applicable to industry associated with primary operations and with the service sector.

List of Courses: 

  • Principles of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Biological Chemistry
  • Principles of Chemical Science
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Chemistry Laboratory Techniques
  • Experimental Chemistry
  • Advanced Chemical Experimentation and Instrumentation
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Organic Synthesis Laboratory 
  • Advanced Organic Chemistry
  • Thermodynamics & Kinetics
  • Thermodynamics of Bio molecular System
  • Energy, Environment, and Society
  • Principles of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Urea Plant Design & Operation
  • Industrial Gases and ASU Cryogenics
  • General Plant Operation and Troubleshooting
  • DCS programming
  • Maintenance System and Practices
  • Industrial Safty

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